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Trust the Path You're On

We don't always know why our lives seem to be heading in the direction that they are. But having faith in the process means going with the flow and not analyzing every step along the way.

We all have goals in life and goals are good. But sometimes if we're too focused on our goals we miss the beauty along the way or the opportunities that we hadn't planned for. This is what's meant by the saying "don't forget to stop and smell the roses".

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Picture of a woman and young girl walking down a long dirt road.
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Life requires both planning and flexibility; a balance that is not always easy to find. We need to stay focused on our goals  and dreams and not allow ourselves to get too sidetracked. But sometimes getting a little sidetracked isn't such a bad thing. The key is moderation. It's okay to allow yourself to get distracted from time to time. It's even healthy to get lost in a moment.

It only becomes a problem if and when we let it keep us from accomplishing  the things that are most important to us. But if we never allow ourselves the chance to get lost in a moment we risk missing out on something potentially even greater than we had been hoping for.

Take a moment and look back at your life. Where have you gone that you didn't intend to go? How would your life be different today if you had insisted that those roads you were on were not part of the plan?

Hold on to those memories and remind yourself of them the next time someone or something is vying for your attention and you feel frustrated that  they're taking you away from what "needs" to be done. Work, school, household chores, and errands will always be there, but the opportunities to fully experience life will not. Don't take a chance on missing out on life. It's too short and way too important!

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