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One Step at a Time

We all want to make progress in our lives, but waiting for things to happen can be one of the hardest parts. It's only natural to look towards those around you and draw comparisons. Why can't that happen to me? How did she get that great break? I deserve to have what he has. These thoughts are both common and normal. But that doesn't mean that they'll get you anywhere.

Put another way, it's okay to feel down. It's okay to wish things were different in your life. But instead of allowing those feeling to pull you down into a pit of depression, use them to inspire and move you forward.

If your coworker got a promotion, instead of wallowing in the fact that you didn't get  promoted, ask yourself what your coworker did. Go up and congratulate her. Then engage her in a conversation about how she was able to work her way up and how you might follow in her footsteps. Think of her actions as a road map for you to follow. If you'll act and behave in a similar manner, you'll improve your odds of having a similar outcome.

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Picture of a young child walking alone down a long path.
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Don't expect change to happen overnight, but start taking the steps you need to take to create a brighter future today. Imagine yourself ten years from now looking back to this very moment. Where do you hope your future self is in life? Are you in the same place then as you are now or have things changed? What would your future self tell your present self?  Keep waiting or get a move on?!

If you knew that there was a literal road ahead of you that extended forward 200 miles and at the end of that road was the man or woman of your dreams, a blank check that you could deposit to wipe away all of  your debt, or the deed to your dream house... wouldn't you be motivated to start moving towards it?

What if you knew that the road was too long to walk in a day and you didn't have a car? Would you just give up on your dream or would you start thinking of solutions? Maybe you can ask someone for help and get a ride. At the very least you can start walking today. When you get tired, you stop and take a break. Perhaps today you walked four miles.

In  the morning you walk another three miles and the next day you walk three more. Then on day four, what do you do? Do you keep moving forward or do you tell yourself that this journey is way too long and give up? Many people do exactly this in life all the time.

We start to make progress and find ourselves closer every day to our goals and dreams only to give up because we lose our drive, we lose our enthusiasm, we lose focus or are simply unaware of just how close we are.

If you were to continue walking 3-4 miles a day you could reach your goal in under two months. Thinking of walking 200 miles at once might seem daunting. But walking  3-4 miles a day is certainly realistic. What we too often forget is that those steps add up over time.

Your coworker didn't get promoted because she had one good day. She got promoted because she made a habit of working hard, doing the right thing, and having a good attitude. Day in and day out she was consistent. So too can your consistency pay off if you'll take just a few steps, walk just a little bit each day towards your goals.

Though you may get discouraged at times, keep moving forward. Remind yourself  that you don't have to do it overnight, but every single one of those  steps will add up. Then in ten years when you're looking back you can smile, grateful that you started your journey when you did.

Instead of looking back today and telling yourself that you should've done this or that ten years ago, look forward and tell yourself it won't happen again. You're going to take actions today so that your future self won't look back in another ten years feeling the same way. You can do this!!

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