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A Job Well Done

We all recognize the importance of putting forward a quality effort in the things we do each day. But it's also worth considering why we're putting forward the effort that we are.

It's been said that a job well done is its own reward. Essentially that's referring to the intrinsic or internally felt emotional feeling you get when you know you've done something well. But  that doesn't mean that we only do things well because it makes us feel good. In fact most people consider that instrinsic reward a bonus.

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Perhaps you're trying to set a positive example for your children or maybe you want to look good in the eyes of others. You may be aiming for a promotion at work or simply be showing off your skills to your neighbors. Whatever external benefits you may derive from your actions, let's not forget that there are often unrealized benefits along with a personal benefit.

Again this is not to say that we should act only for personal gain, but rather that a job is worth doing well even if nobody else sees it. You'll know that you did a good job. You'll feel pride in your efforts, and you'll have the opportunity to refine your skills.

In other words, even if you know that nobody will give you credit there's still a benefit to be had. Consider the idea of a person making an anonymous financial contribution. Even though they're not going to get any public acknowledgment they know that their  contribution is still making a difference.

So do your best and whether someone gives you credit or not, rest assured that there are benefits to be had even if not publically realized.

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