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Wedding Day Volunteers

An Ohio couple donates their reception dinner and time to those in need.

An Ohio couple, Melanie and Tyler Tapajnas, had plans to be married in August 2020. Like many engaged couples they had big plans that included a reception where they were expecting 150 guests.

Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic however they needed to show some flexibility with their plans. Given the number of guests they were expecting, the couple was having some reservations about the reception. It wasn’t a big surprise when the site of their reception contacted them to cancel.

But that doesn’t mean that they were willing to give up on their big day all together. The happy couple still got married, only instead in front of a small group of family members and friends.

But what about all of the preparations? While they may have returned or canceled orders on some of the items intended for the reception, they chose not to cancel the catered meal.

Instead the couple contacted a crisis center and shelter for women and children in Cleveland called Laura’s Home. Tyler and Melanie wrapped up their wedding and while still dressed in their wedding gown and tuxedo went directly over to the shelter.

Though the shelter would’ve likely accepted the food and distributed it themselves, the newlyweds wanted to do more. Once they arrived, they put on hairnets and masks and started handing out food.

It was a site to behold for those staying at the shelter and one that certainly made an impression, as it was their company that made the couple’s day truly special.

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