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Stuffed Puppy Lost at Airport

Officials in Cincinnati help to reunite the stuffed animal with its six year old owner.

A stuffed puppy was found missing at the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport. Apparently a young boy from Florida had left his spotted friend behind by accident.

Airport and airline personnel started posting on social media trying to reunite the puppy with its owner. But little Masch Masch wasn’t exactly running around barking up a storm in the meantime. Instead he was spotted at various locations from the terminal, to Starbucks, to the cockpit. He was even given a mask to wear to keep safe.

In just over a week, arrangements were being made to reunite Masch Masch with six year old Jaydence Ronco.

But what made this story all the more heartwarming was the significance of the pup. Airport personnel simply wanted to return a stuffed animal to a child. What they didn’t know at the time was where it came from.

When Jaydence was adopted by his parents and all of the formalities were in place, the judge gave him the stuffed animal to take with him to his new home.

Over 1.5 million people saw and followed their journey online and not surprisingly Jaydence was happy to have Masch Masch back home with him.

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