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Stranger Picks up Tab for Distraught Women

A reminder that a simple act can make a strong statement.

A man was waiting tables one evening. Two women who were at the restaurant together had just ordered, when the younger of the two answered her cell phone. Shortly thereafter the waiter noticed that both women were crying. He had no idea why they were upset and was trying to respect their privacy.

The waiter was also serving another table, occupied by a single man. Upon finishing his meal that patron handed the waiter his credit card along with a note. The patron had overheard the phone call at the next table that caused both women to break down in tears and was apparently moved.


After the man left, the waiter returned to the table where the two women were sitting and explained that a man who wished to remain anonymous had just paid for their bill. The women were grateful and appreciative. While the exact reason that the two women were upset and crying may not be known, the note handed to the waiter seemed to suggest that there was a recently discovered medical issue.


But the specifics didn't matter. For this anonymous patron, his act of kindness was nothing more than just that. There was no assumption that they couldn't afford the bill or that paying for dinner would make the pain go away. It was just a simple act that gave hope to two women and a waiter one night.

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