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Marine's Final Act of Kindness

Moments before he was shot, this marine took the time to encourage a teenager.

When a soldier serves in a war zone, the threat of death is always looming nearby. But it seems somehow more tragic, if not ironic, when a soldier loses his or her life after returning home and trying to settle back into civilian life. Sadly, that's just what happend to Jeremy Henwood.

Mr. Henwood was a marine who had served overseas in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon returning from deployment, he returned to his job as a San Diego police officer. One day in August 2011, he went to a McDonald's where someone fired a shotgun through the window of his patrole car and ended his life. The shooter was later caught and killed by other officers.


But while this was the end of Mr. Henwood's life, it was not the end of the impact that his life would have. A security camera inside the store showed the officer moments before the shooting talking with a thirteen year old boy. The boy asked Officer Henwood for a dime to buy cookies. Instead the officer, without delay, bought the cookies for the teenager.


Having the teen's attention now, Henwood asked him about his goals in life and encouraged him that to reach his goals he would have to work hard. A simple act of kindness made a lasting impression on the life of a teenager who had the honor of meeting with this marine and police officer just moments before he was mercilessly taken away.

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