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Man Rescues Child from Subway Tracks

Missing an interview to save a child's life was never a question for this New Yorker.

One summer day a man from New York City was en route to a job interview. Being unemployed for more than a year, Delroy Simmonds really needed a job. However, he found a good reason to miss his interview that day.

While at a subway station in Brooklyn, Simmonds saw a nine-month old child and his stroller fall onto the tracks. Simmonds quickly jumped onto the tracks and pulled the child and stroller to safety. By the time the ordeal was over however, Simmonds had missed his interview.

Two days later after news spread of his heroic actions, Simmonds was offered a job at John F. Kennedy International Airport. A manager where Simmonds was hired stated that it speaks a lot about the character of Simmonds that he was willing to save the young boy and that he prioritized a life over an interview.

Simmonds himself was grateful for the opportunity to start working again and denied being a hero. He explained that he wasn't really thinking in the moment, but just reacting. Seeing a train coming around the corner he did what he believes anyone else would have done in the same situation.

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