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Man Lends his House for One Year

By offering up his home, this Los Angeles man reunited a family facing difficult times.

Tony Tolbert is a 51 year old from Los Angeles, California who recently let his family know that he was moving back home with his parents. It's not that Tolbert recently lost his job or had otherwise fallen on hard times. He was simply taking an idea that he  learned from his father one step further.

His father, Jimmy Tolbert, was always offering up the extra bedroom in their house to someone in need. Now the younger Tolbert was giving up his entire house for a year to help out a family that he felt needed it more than he did.

Tolbert went to a homeless shelter where he explained his plan. A woman by the name of Felicia Dukes had been staying at the shelter in a single room with three of her four children. Her oldest son was not allowed to stay at the shelter with them because of his age. The shelter only allowed women and children, which meant that their family was forced to split up. That was at least until Tolbert came along.

By offering his home up to this family he was giving  the Dukes family a chance to reunite their entire family, to spread out a little, and to have some time to live rent free while working to improve their situation.

Tolbert explained that his motivation in opening up his home was to help out a family going through a difficult time, to practice a life lesson taught to him by his father, and to create a better world by creating more positive stories to combat all of the negative ones out there.

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