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Fast Food with True Service

A young employee stops to help a customer eat his meal.

At a fast food restaurant in busy downtown Chicago customers lined up to order their meals. At the front of one such line was a 66 year old man with cerebral palsy named Dan Garringer. He repeated himself a couple of times as he apparently was asking a cashier for help of some kind. But due to his diagnosis, which affects his speech, it was difficult to understand the man.


A few moments later the cashier named Kenny shut down his register. But Kenny, whose last name we do not know, wasn't finished with his shift. Kenny came out from behind the counter wearing rubber gloves and walked over to Mr. Garringer.


Kenny then began to help the customer to cut up his food and help him eat his meal. An image of the act of kindness was caught on camera by another customer. Not surprisingly, after Destiny Carrero posted the image and story online it quickly went viral.


This simple act of kindness is a reminder that we should never feel too busy to help out another human being in need.

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