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Positive & Encouraging News

Wedding Day Volunteers

An Ohio couple donates their reception dinner and time to those in need.

Picture of Deputy Warren Hobbs

Inmates Save Deputy Officer

Three men behind bars help save the life of a deputy.

Picture of a stuffed animal named Masch Masch.

Stuffed Puppy Lost at Airport

Officials in Cincinnati help to reunite the stuffed animal with its six year old owner.

Picture of Tony Tolbert

Taking Your Mugger Out to Dinner

This social worker saw past his mugger's actions and took a chance.

Picture of Tony Tolbert

Man Lends his House for One Year

By offering up his home, this Los Angeles man reunited a family facing difficult times.

Picture of Delroy Simmonds

Man Rescues Child from Subway Tracks

Missing an interview to save a child's life was never a question for this New Yorker.

Silhouette of a sniper carrying a rifle

Army Veteran Refuses to Shoot

Standing up for what he believed in, led one man to a life of homelessness.

Picture of Jeremy Henwood

Marine's Final Act of Kindness

Moments before he was shot, this marine took the time to encourage a teenager.

Picture of Jhaqueil Reagan

Teen Rewarded for Work Ethic

This teenager set out on a ten mile walk for an interview.

Closeup picture of a bicycle tire and person's foot

Teens Chase After a Kidnapped Girl

Teenagers take the initiative and their bicycles to find a missing girl.

Picture of a restaurant bill stamped "paid"

Stranger Picks up Tab for Distraught Women

A reminder that a simple act can make a strong statement.

Picture of a McDonalds employee cutting up a customer's meal

Fast Food with True Service

A young employee stops to help a customer eat his meal.

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