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Linking to Encouragemint

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Sometimes you find something online and realize that it's a perfect fit; it's just what you were looking for. If you find Encouragemint beneficial in any way and want to share us with others, we want to make it easy for you to share.


If you manage a website, operate a social media account, or otherwise would like to link to Encouragemint, we welcome you to do so. Please be aware however, that all information on this website is subject to Copyright and it is against the law to copy the information and promote it as your own (i.e. to plagiarize) or to use images, video, or other media without the prior written approval of Encouragemint. You may however freely provide a link to any page on this website you find useful.


Any and all information regarding Encouragemint (either the organization or the website) published in any form online or offline must be accurate. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions and we'll be happy to review what you're considering using.


For example, if you want to link to our resources page and would like us to review a statement or paragraph you put together describing Encouragemint and its resources, just send us a copy of your proposed text and we'll let you know if it's acceptable or not. Our objective it not to limit you, but simply to protect the integrity of our brand and assure that only truthful and accurate information is published about us.

Thank you and have a great day!

The following images can be used freely in their present form without prior approval:

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