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Encouragemint is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides emotional support and encouragement to anyone and everyone.

We have professionally reviewed factual information about various emotional issues and mental health diagnoses as well as resources such as contact information for hotlines and referral services.

Periodically we conduct Encouragemint Projects, which are local, in-person community service efforts where we highlight a particular cause, individual, or family and come together to make a tangible impact.

In the articles section of our website includes an archive of all of the Words of Encouragemint from our homepage, various positive news stories, and some miscellaneous useful information.

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Encouraging Quotes

"You don't realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest moment."


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Words of Encouragemint
Making Important Decisions

All too often people who make an impulsive change find themselves looking back later and wondering if they made the right decision. But you don't want to want to look back down the road and kick yourself, asking if you made the right choice.

Though you might not realize it, seemingly simple decisions can become stressful events in our lives. It may not be a life threatening diagnosis we're talking about, but changing jobs, going back to school, moving to a new city, and starting or ending a relationship are stressful events.

Morrie SchwartzBe kind to yourself and allow yourself as much time as you need before acting. Sometimes we're not sure if we're making the right decision, but we get impatient with waiting and move ahead anyway.

Perhaps you know it's time to make a change and you're eager to get started.  Being motivated is great. But don't forget that making important life changes takes time.

Obviously some decisions much be made more quickly than others because of things beyond your control. But when you have the opportunity, taking a sure-footed and slow approach to big decisions is the safer option.

Taking the time you need, can help you to weigh the consequences of your decision, making it more likely that you'll be satisfied with whatever decision you make.

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