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Encouragemint is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides emotional support and encouragement to anyone and everyone.

We have professionally reviewed factual information about various emotional issues and mental health diagnoses as well as resources such as contact information for hotlines and referral services.

Periodically we conduct Encouragemint Projects, which are local, in-person community service efforts where we highlight a particular cause, individual, or family and come together to make a tangible impact.

In the articles section of our website includes an archive of all of the Words of Encouragemint from our homepage, various positive news stories, and some miscellaneous useful information.

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Encouraging Quotes

"Happiness is your choice to make.  How happy or how miserable do you want to be?" 

-Edgar Cayce

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Words of Encouragemint
You're Richer Than You Realize

So many of us struggle and stress about money. Yet if you were to step back for a moment, you might  be able to realize just how rich you truly are.

According to the BBC the mean (or average) salary worldwide for working individuals is less than $20,000 a year. This figure takes into consideration currency exchange rates and purchasing power or how expensive things are in each country. It also considers that not everyone worldwide works, such as children, the elderly, and those who are sick.

You may remember from math class or from statistics that there is a difference between the mean and the median. The mean is the same as the average. It's computed by dividing the number of people by the total figure. For example, if there were five people who had a combined income of $100,000 the mean or average salary would be $20,000 per person.

But what if one person earns $95,000 and the rest much less. That's where the median comes in. It looks for the number is the middle of the pack. It's another way to examine what's considered typical, but in a way that's less impacted by an extreme or unusual number.

Doing some calculations

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